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The Board of Directors and the founding members of the Southeast Sommelier Society work solely on a volunteer basis.  Our work is funded through donations.  Through our in-person events, tastings, practice examinations, and trips, we will promote the wine knowledge, professionalism, and service aptitude of members of the wine trade and the community at large.  


This professional network is made possible through donations.  We seek to provide guidance and awareness of the sommelier profession to our local community.  Through our learning experiences and seminars, we provide a very tangible need in the wine and hospitality trade; Best of all, it is administered free of charge for all parties interested. 


Donors are assured that their acts of philanthropy are utilized to fuel and enhance our professional community.  Our educators are well trained and experienced individuals in the field who are able to serve and provide on-site training for local businesses such as restaurants and hotels.  Once again, everything at no cost to the business owners or their employees. 


Illustrating by example, the Southeast Sommelier Society uses grants for the purpose of educating qualified members of our industry and select members of community. Donations are used to design and implement educational strategies through classroom seminars, on-site training, and enrichment trips. Every dollar and every bottle of wine donated goes directly back in to programs that educate and assist individuals to developing their craft.  This is accomplished through inviting guest speakers, hosting blind tastings, and sponsoring trips out to wine regions that cover most, if not all, expenses involved in travel and examination fees.  

Our organization is committed to leveraging public and private donations of wine to create innovative educational resources to advance knowledge and awareness of the sommelier profession. We will also decidedly support solidarity initiatives of the hospitality industry by supporting all professionals involved through wine education seminars and functions designed to allow fellow members to network with one another. Social matters such as these may be in the form of luncheons, dinners, outings/trips, and tastings; and as such, donated goods may be used for the aforementioned occasions. Educational programs of the Southeast Sommelier Society are offered on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis. The Southeast Sommelier Society strives to develop unique educational opportunities to encourage higher levels of certification and credential and to promote a spirit of learning within our profession.